A bunion, also termed “hallux valgus,” is a deformation in which a painful bony bump develops on the inside of the big toe, damages the tissue located at the base of the big toe, and causes swelling on the joint. Because of this condition, numerous changes can be seen in the bony structure of the long bone on the side of the big toe. These particular alterations reshape the entire framework of the long bones in the foot, which is the main area that links the ankle to the toes, triggering the big toe to bend towards the second toe, which causes worsening the bump, eventually resulting in hammertoes.

When a huge swelling protrudes outside the base of the big toe while also bearing painful sensations that are not easy to deal with, it can trigger stiffness and severe discomfort, making even the most sizable shoes difficult to wear

Bunions are particularly a contagious condition that can be induced because of a poor living style or could be the way you walk or wear your footwear. These might be evident reasons behind this impairment.

So, if you have been dealing with any symptoms related to this condition, get in touch with us immediately. We will carefully examine and treat this condition of the ankle and foot and connected leg structures. We are a team of professionals specializing in treating Bunions in Riverside here at Empire Foot and Ankle Center, where we cater to our patients according to their needs.

What Causes Such A Condition

Several categories of injuries can badly damage the skin, which involves cuts, scrapes, brakes, rupture wounds, and piercing and sharp injuries. Some might be merely superficial and require instant care, including cleansing the wound and bandage. But, some conditions are severe and require proper treatment plans and sufficient time to heal. Severe injuries that cause such wounds include major life-threatening injury that impales the skin or cuts made during surgical operations, excruciating burns, being in a state of immobile, or several underlying medical situations or any particular types of infection.

According to several medical types of research and studies have demonstrated that a closed wound tends to heal double the times more than an unclosed wound. The reason behind it is simple; the outside covering of the wound, even though it completely covers the wound and safeguards from being further infected, reduces the progression of new skin cells to close the wound. On the other hand, when a wound is uncovered, it might dry out new cells on the surface and gradually increase the pain.


If you have been looking to get proper treatment and a permanent cure for your painful bunion condition, then optioning for surgery is the best solution for it. The ideal time to commence the surgical procedure is when this condition is triggered with intense painful sensations. One can also opt for surgery when the bunion has been causing other related problems. The objective of the surgical procedure is to return the big toe to its right place by carefully incising the bump-out.

We Are Experts At Treating Bunion And Hammertoe Conditions

Under the roof of Empire Foot & Ankle, our team has set a firm goal, which is to bring back alignment and proper function and enhance the standards of living style. To provide you utmost comfort to wear any shoes you wish and be fully capable of walking or even running, and healing your pain, we put our full efforts and endeavor hard to ensure that our team is with you on the pathway of your recovery.