You can know whether you have flat feet or not by walking over wet sand or with wet feet so that you get an impression of the bottom of your foot. If the impression it casts is complete, you have flat feet.


It refers to the shape of your foot having an upward curve in the middle that forms an arch that is lower than the normal ones. It is called fallen arches. However, it is not just the shape of the feet. There are numerous tendons that connect your lower leg and foot that work together to form an arch in your foot. As these tendons together pull the proper amount, your foot crafts a moderate or normal arch. When the tendons fail to pull together, your foot crafts little or no arch. Those with fallen arches need flat feet therapy.

Why Flat Feet Therapy Is Important

Some people, despite having flat feet face no problem. Usually, it is their natural feet shape. However, most people find it problematic as it affects their mobility and everyday activities. Some of the signs of this pain and problem are

  • you experience pain often
  • your feet get tired easily
  • the pain targets the areas of the arches
  • you find it hard to balance yourself when you stand, walk, or run
  • there is inflammation at the inside bottoms of your feet
  • certain postures become difficult

How Empire Foot and Ankle Helps

We have the best-trained podiatrists for flat feet in Riverside who are always ready to serve clients in the best way possible. After proper evaluation and diagnosis, we suggest you appropriate treatments for adjusting your limb and leg muscles. You also have to wear the shoes we recommend for comfort to your feet and minimize pain. There are also insoles and orthotics that help improve your walking and running experience.

Before we begin the flat feet surgery in Riverside, our specialists focus on reducing the inflammation problem and pain. We also offer physiotherapeutic massages and exercises that help in the response of your tendons. It softens your muscles and improves your blood circulation, giving you greater flexibility and strengthened ankles.

How Flat Feet Result In Shin Splints

Flat feet increase the chance of shin splints during exercises. Again, it is because the springy arch that most people have acts as a shock-absorber. With every jump or step someone with arched feet takes, the tendon stretches like a rubber band and absorbs the impact, keeping it off the shins. However, people with flat feet do not have this much absorbing benefit. Although the flat feet have made them accustomed to the foot and leg discomfort, the pain that comes with this causes shin splint. As soon as you start to feel or even get a hint of trouble, consult our doctors immediately for flat feet shin splint treatment in Riverside.