Treating Circulatory System Diseases In Riverside

There are now growing number of people who are being diagnosed with some form of circulation disease every year. Keeping in mind the delicate nature of the disease and the vulnerability of the circulatory system, the problem could be life-threatening.

The American Heart Association states that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of loss of life in the United States and globally. It is because of the delicate and critical nature that this system of the body is more prone to diseases. At Empire Foot And Ankle Center, we offer you treatment for circular system diseases by making an early diagnosis and coming up with a proper treatment plan, offering you timely help.

We Make Sure You Have a Healthy Body

Your circulatory system is a complex network of blood vessels that work with the recurring pumping of the heart. The heart is responsible for the flow of blood, oxygen, hormones, nutrients, minerals, and gases to and from cells. The complication affecting the circulatory system affects the perfusion of blood throughout the body as well as threatens the entire functionality of the organs, often resulting in cardiovascular issues.

Our experts at Empire Foot And Ankle Center treat cardiovascular disease in Riverside, making timely help near and accessible for you. Although the actual cause of a circulatory disease is unknown, people with family members suffering from the circulatory disease are more likely targets. Obesity is another reason that increases the likelihood of developing a circulatory disorder.

Common Circulatory System Diseases

The common circulatory system diseases are:


It is a genetic bleeding ailment that results from the deficiency of factor VIII. If hemophilia is left untreated, it can cause severe anemia or can even be fatal. For cardiovascular circulation in Riverside, you can reach out to Empire Foot And Ankle


It is a mosquito-borne fever that affects your circulatory system and is characterized by extreme pain in your joints


In Leukemia, there is an overgrowth of white blood cells in the bone marrow. You need immediate care as it is a cancer of the blood-forming tissues that can not be neglected or treated off-handedly


Hypertension (High blood pressure) is when the body’s smaller blood vessels contract, which results in the application of more pressure against the vessel walls for maintaining the pressure

Symptoms Of Circulatory System Disease

  • immense pain in chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Discomfort, uneasiness, faintness or coldness in legs or arms
  • The treatment of circulatory diseases at Empire Foot & Ankle (EFA)

The imbalanced circulation results in problems with your legs and feet, too, making movement difficult for you. At Empire Foot And Ankle Center, we help you deal with all conditions that can impact your legs and feet because of the weak circulation in your body. We help you through timely diagnosis and a thorough study of your medical history to suggest you the best treatment.