Your skin works as a barrier to the outside world, protecting your body from dangerous and fatal infections, pollutants, and the extremity of temperatures. When your body is exposed to any injury, it damages the underlying skin that makes sure the delicate and fragile organs are safe.

A wound results from an external or internal break in the body tissue that is caused by accident with sharp objects or falls. You need immediate medical care to avoid any severe consequences, especially if you are a diabetic. At Empire Foot and Ankle Center we offer diabetic wound treatment in Riverside, as being a diabetic means you are more vulnerable and need quicker treatment to prevent situations such as an amputation.

The wound infection caused by the presence of bacteria or other organisms requires you to have immediate diabetic wound care in Riverside, as the condition can quickly escalate in case of negligence. There are many types of wounds that cause damage to the skin, such as cuts, scrapes, breaks, rupture wounds, and penetrating wounds. Where some of them are superficial, others need immediate care, including cleansing and bandage. In the event of a diabetic foot wound in Riverside, reach out to Empire Foot and Ankle without wasting a second.

Some of the major causes of such wounds comprise significant traumatic injury to the skin, cuts made during operations, being immobile, deep burns, or other underlying medical conditions or specific types of infections. They are painful and cause uneasiness and even hypoxia which impairs the ability of the body to heal wounds and escalates infection rates.


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Despite the many technological advances and rise in treatments, it is still perplexing to heal open wounds on your own. There are many non-surgical treatment options and medications that aid in the healing of such wounds.

In the event of severe pain or injury, consult the doctors at Empire Foot and Ankle, as we offer diabetic and toe wound care in Riverside to help prevent further complications. We will determine the degree of your wound and provide you with the required medical care to make sure you are safe and on your feet.

At Empire Foot & Ankle, we have certified Wound Care Specialists and Diabetic Wound Care Experts who evaluate and treat wounds. They use direct pressure and elevation to cure swelling and control blood loss. With access to cutting-edge technology and proper training for wound care, they can help you determine the best treatment.