Pediatric Foot Fracture Malunions in Riverside: Treatment from Pediatric Foot Specialists

You want the best care for your child no matter where you live. If your child is experiencing foot problems and needs a doctor, there are certain qualities to look out for in a pediatric foot doctor. A pediatric foot doctor in Riverside should be able to offer your child comfort and reassurance during treatment while also demonstrating great expertise in their field.

Here at Empire Foot and Ankle Center, we possess those qualities and many more! Our pediatric doctors in Riverside are experts in pediatric surgery, allowing us to treat a full range of issues. Our staff has extensive experience working with children and treating their surgical needs. We’re proud of our long history of serving families throughout Riverside with our high-quality services.

We know that a fracture Malunions can be a severe issue for your child. Therefore, we strive to help as many children as possible with this condition by providing them access to the best possible treatment options available. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques when performing surgeries on children at Empire Foot and Ankle Center.

Pediatric Foot Fracture Malunions Riverside: What You Should Know

What is a Pediatric Foot Fracture Malunion?

A fracture occurs when an excessive amount of force has been applied to a bone. The bone can crack or break entirely into two or more parts when this happens. In addition, Malunions occur when bones heal incorrectly after fractures.

When a child sustains a broken bone, the fractured ends of the bone must be carefully repositioned (or “reduced”) so they are properly aligned and stabilized. If this does not happen, or if the broken pieces of bone move out of alignment during healing, a malunion can develop.

Why Choose Empire Foot and Ankle Center Pediatric Surgery Riverside?

At Empire Foot and Ankle Center, we understand that you want the best care possible for your children. We also know that you want a pediatric surgeon with the most experience, knowledge, and expertise to fix your child’s foot, no matter what kind of fracture they may have. That’s where we come in. Our doctors have the skills and experience to treat any fracture your child may have efficiently.

We’ve been working with pediatric patients for several years, and we’ve seen it all: Malunions, non-unions, delayed unions… you name it! But, we can help your child get back on their feet quickly to get back to being a kid as soon as possible.

Our doctors specialize in pediatric surgery and fracture Malunions in Riverside, and we have a great success rate with getting kids to heal fast to get back to playing sports or doing whatever else they enjoy. You’ll be happy to know that our patients can almost always return to normal activities in just one week after surgery!