Bones are sites for tumors that result from other primary cancers, usually from diseases that spread from other organs. Children and young adults are more vulnerable to such cancers, for which they have to undergo a combination of surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation therapies.

Among all the treatment options is limb salvage which is a proven surgical procedure offering maximal preservation of the limb. Through limb salvage surgery in Riverside, we treat cancers of the bones and helps in saving the appearance of the limb. In addition, the surgery offers constancy, weight-bearing capability, and ambulation.


Since the malignant bone and soft tissue tumors can spread cancer cells to the rest of your body, the surgery becomes important to save the limb. It provides the patients with a chance to keep the limb by removing the tumor. Through limb salvage in Riverside, we make sure that the growth plate is preserved without affecting the functionality, resilience, and appearance of the limb.

It is an alternative to amputation whereby the tumor is removed in a limb as well as the surrounding affected areas around the tumor. As a replacement, an implant is used. With the help of this technique, a diseased bone is also replaced in place of which a metal implant is placed to build a functional limb. An allograft or an allo-prosthetic composite can also be used.

It takes about two weeks for the patient to recover. However, for the patients to learn to walk again, it can take a year. Patients have to be very careful and make sure that the fringe is protected for six weeks from any major force to allow the body to heal fully.

In the event of swelling, discomfort, soreness, or any sign of infection at the surgical site, you should always contact us for an evaluation.


At Empire Foot & Ankle, we offer many different types of limb-sparing techniques to give patients an alternative to amputation. We also offer diabetic limb salvage in Riverside. We make use of a multidisciplinary team approach combining cardiovascular medicine, integrative medicine, and exercise to provide optimal results to every patient.