Given the importance of your feet and the support it lends in mobility, foot deformities can affect your entire life. For a human body to function properly and stay strong, flexible, and mobile, the feet must be devoid of deformities.

Your foot and ankle fall among the most complex and intricate anatomical structures for which you must always consult the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors. At Empire Foot And Ankle Center, we have the most experienced and trained podiatrists for foot deformities treatment in Riverside.

Our team of expert surgeons has treated all kinds of disorders. Therefore, from conservative therapies to complex foot deformities surgery in Riverside, our experts can perform all.


We at Empire Foot and Ankle Center have treated common deformities ranging from bone deformities, bone spurs, fallen arches, mallet toes, claw toes, to bunions, and toe joint problems. You also get assistance with bruising and swelling that common injuries and sprains cause. Our aim is to try our best to get you back on your feet with utmost proficiency.


Treatment options for it vary based on the type of cases we receive and the patients who visit us. However, some of these solutions comprise:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug for pain relief
  • Corticosteroids injections for the reduction in inflammation
  • Shoe modifications and use of orthotic devices, casts, and braces
  • Surgical procedures in the event of foot damage or severe pain


All our doctors make it a point to listen carefully to every patient who comes into our office. You will get prescriptions for home care that include icing for pain and swelling reduction or stretching exercises to increase muscle control.

All of our podiatrists have extensive experience in detecting diseases in their early stages, such as arthritis, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes. These diseases come with warning signs in the lower half of the body. Through early diagnosis and treatment, the limbs can be saved from amputation.

Contact Empire Foot and Ankle Center now if you feel you are experiencing any of these issues. We can handle and treat all kinds of deformities without compromising the high standards of professionalism and proficiency. Call now to book an appointment at the earliest.