Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment in Riverside

When it comes to individuals with diabetes, any infection can be severe or painful. A foot ulcer is the most serious infection of all that is augmented with frequent and lengthy hospitalization sessions as well as the risk of extremity amputation.

Diabetic foot ulcer is a surging health problem that is associated with diabetes. Neuropathy or Ischemia, malformation, trauma, and complication of infection are some common causes that give rise to ulceration.

There are several studies that point out the risk diabetic people have of developing a foot ulcer. Patients who have poor glucose control experience complications sooner. Therefore, you should timely get diabetic foot treatment antibiotics in Riverside at Empire Foot and Ankle Center.

It is important that you get an early diagnosis and immediate cure to prevent any complications that can even result in amputation. Book an appointment at Empire Foot and Ankle Center for foot ulcer treatment in Riverside, where you get daily self-exams, routine check-ups of blood glucose levels, healthy food intake, and professional evaluations.


The severity of diabetic foot ulcers can be judged from the amputations that negligence can result in. Routine care is the primary solution to avoiding the whole situation. In case the ulcers are left untreated, they can erode skin and cause permanent damage that affects your mobility. You get proper assistance and guidance at Empire Foot and Ankle Center for diabetic toenail ulcer in Riverside, which is one of the places ulcers can develop.


Not all diabetic foot ulcers get infected. However, many get infected that grow into larger ulcerations, bringing with them serious complications. Wounds that get infected require proper antibiotic therapy with the help of oral antibiotics.

The adequate and proper use of antibiotics therapy is effective against the infection and keeps you safe from complications. We choose an antibiotic treatment depending on various factors such as the severity of infection, medical history, and cause of infection.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment at Empire Foot And Ankle

The podiatrists at Empire Foot and Ankle Center suggest that patients seek prompt medical attention upon seeing signs of foot infection or new ulcer formation such as a change in skin color, staining, inflammation, or broken. We offer numerous treatments for patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers as we want you to always put your best foot forward in life!